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Friday, May 6, 2011

Baton Rouge Blues Festival

If anyone is looking for an excuse to go to Baton Rouge, the Blues Festival this weekend might make a good one.  The more I read about the line up, the more I had to restrain myself from actually clicking on the Expedia App on my phone.

In addition to some of the Swamp Blues of the region, toss in a little bit of Kansas. It's not really just Kansas, it's Kansas with an eclectic spin. Like BBQ with various spice influences. When I think of Kansas, I think of My Grandmother, Ribs, Royals, Twisters, Dorothy, Irish Dance Scholarships, nice people and ....  one of my favorite lesser known duo's, although it escapes me as to why, Moreland & Arbuckle.  They will be playing tomorrow night at The Blues Festival in addition to Delbert McClinton, Jimmie Vaughn and others.

I became aware of Aaron Moreland and Dustin Arbuckle prior to the release of 1861.  I have almost as much patience in waiting for a much anticipated music release, as I do for books.  So, as with books, I started to listen to their previous artistic endeavors.  I started my research with Caney Valley Blues and found a song named "Red Bricks."   From that moment on, Moreland and Arbuckle, garnered my creative respect.  Another song made it's way to my playlist in '08 named "Fishin' Hole off the 1861 release.

Signed by Telarc, they released Flood, earlier this year.

Baton Rouge - Topix