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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lurrie Bell is Everywhere!

Lurrie Bell caught my eye again today as Blue Bella Records sent a release announcing that he is appearing in my town on April 21 and bringing his buddies Nick Moss & The Fliptops. It is the best reason to hang out at Best Buy, that I can think of.

Bell's name is popping up everywhere lately. As I checked through several news feeds this weekend, I also saw he is featured on The new release of Chicago Blues: A Living History (Raisin 2009) which lays down 21 tracks of authentic style Chicago Blues.

Lurrie Bell, is a second generation Chicago Blues Artist, his Father Carey Bell, was a well respected Harmonica player. This child of the blues, without a doubt, is one of our greatest guitar players of his generation. If you are in the MidWest, you can see him on Beale Street in May, and at the Chicago Blues Fest in June. He has many credits to his name. Lurrie has made the cover of Living Blues, been nominated for several awards, and they just keep coming, but my favorite memory of him, is playing with Koko Taylor.

Those are all good reasons to be a fan of Lurrie, and even check out his MySpace and peek at, but beyond the mundane, is a blues artist, who knows what life is in all it's extremes. It has never been better demonstrated than in this current version of Lurrie, that makes me absolutely love him. In his new CD, Let's Talk About Love, you can hear the depth and breath of emotion as played only by a man who has felt it personally. Unfortunately, that emotion came at great cost, losing his beloved partner Susan and his Father within a three and a half month period.

Lurrie's life has not been easy. He has had great loss and sorrow and knows what it is to struggle with Mental Illness. And yet, he serves as a source of great inspiration and even courage to many, who take the time to learn his story.

His official biography, contains the following: "Music has the power to heal, to restore and empower, not only the artist but the listener as well." All I can say to that, is Amen.

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