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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Dutchess of Coolsville Keeps On Crooning

Most know this powerful American singer, for her 1979 hit, Chuck E's In Love, or her 1989 hit Makin' Whoopee, for which she won a Grammy.

Some know her as Tom Waits' lover from 1977 - 1980. (Or a year according to his biography written by Barney Hoskyns). The boho duo experienced career success at different times. As her career took off, Wait's grew emotionally distant, and the once touted next Joni Mitchell turned to heroin for comfort. Her insecurity, led her to be more dependent, and ultimately Waits made the decision to end the romance.

Drinking, drugs, a self proclaimed two year heroin addiction, and a 6 month cocaine slide after the break up, led to Pirates her second main album of what would eventually be fourteen. The Duchess of Coolsville is her Anthology album, released in 2005.

Influenced by Sarah Vaughn and Nina Simone, among many others, the talented Chicago born, Rickie Lee Jones, sang at President Clinton's Inauguration with Ratt Dog.

Rickie is still delivering original organic blues. It is rumored, Jones expects to release a new album in September. A review of her recent appearance from the Minneapolis Star Journal includes,

"Once she hits the stage, Rickie Lee Jones is fearless. Forget about the manic depression, the heartbreaks, the growing old."

Personality, stubbornness, and her refusal to fit into a singular commercial classification of a musical genre, have endeared her to her cultish following, for yet another decade.

An Artist approved autobiography is available at Her upcoming tour dates can be found at

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