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Sunday, August 23, 2009

You Too, Can Learn To Play Like Robert Johnson

Picture courtesy of the Robert Johnson Blues Foundation

For anyone looking to teach or learn some basic blues guitar, I have a find for you. Lurking through the miles and miles of endless links in, there is resource blues lovers should know about.

Written by both a teacher and a musician, the guide provides visual and auditory links.'s Dan Cross, Guide to Guitar, offers up a simple, well presented "How To" for inspiring blues artists, or even for blues loving non musical individuals who want to know what makes a blues song, a blues song.

"Here's a quick and easy little blues riff played by Robert Johnson that you can learn with the help of an mp3 and tab,"exclaims Cross, using Johnson's "Little Queen of Spades" in the above link.

Dan Cross also offers a blog, forum and a series of Guitar Basics to learning the blues.

After learning the riff, there is no guarantee that Gibson will name a guitar after you, however.

Johnson's Gibson L-1 tribute guitar is a small bodied acoustic, released in 2003, and bears his signature. It also lists a MSRP of $2793.00

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