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Monday, March 1, 2010

Remembering and Honoring Blues Artists - Detroit Style

19 hrs ago | Posted by: 12 Bars of Fate

Detroit Blues Society Headstone Project

One of several 2010 goals and objectives listed by the non-profit include honoring, marking and recognizing two of Detroit's deceased blues musician's. The first is Mr. Bo Collins (If Trouble was Money), originally from Mississippi. Bo settled in Detroit in the earlly 1950's. The second is Harmonica player, Uncle Jessie White, White was also a Mississippi native and became endeared to many including Harmonica Shaw, Ann Rabson and many more.

In the blues world, it is not uncommon for another member of the community to secure a grave marker. Janis Joplin ensured her mentor's grave had a headstone, 33 years after the passing of the Empress of The Blues, Bessie Smith. The DBS started this project in 1997, ensuring Son House had a Headstone, believing "Proper recognition of deceased Detroit Blues greats is vital to teach history and to keep the music alive through remembrances."

The Detroit Blues Society received the Best Blues Society Award in 2006. Further information on the fundraisers, direct contributions for the Headstones and membership are available at their website, myspace or through the DBS Headstone Project Coordinator at

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