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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Discovering "Painkiller"

There is magic in his fingers, and I clearly can feel it, followed by wit, and playfulness in his lyrics "A Good Fool is Hard to Find."

I wonder how I could have missed a talented Blues man who knows what to do with a guitar with over a decade of impressiveness? Feeling much like a Catholic School Girl, allowed to study Zen, or (something secular and seductive) for the first time, I am in total infatuation with this style that mixes My Sweet Home Chicago and West Coast Blues with a little Rockin' Soul. And, bonus, the voice is pure heat.

How did I find him? Dreaming about Crusin' with Blues artists, listening to some Ronnie Baker Brooks and checking out Blind Pig Records web site. I am not normally a big Contemporary Blues fan, growing up between Chicago and East Saint Louis, I love Chicago Blues and the St. Louis Cardinals, and rarely notice anything outside of my first loves. But along came this man from San Francisco.

Before I knew it, I was listening to "Painkiller" mp3's, watching videos on You Tube, and finally, entered TOMMY CASTRO into Google search. That's when I knew, it wouldn't be long before he made my Valentine's Day wish list. Er, his CD, I mean. Although, there is just something about a Blues Player, ah well, another post perhaps. Let's talk about MUSIC.

"Painkiller" is his newest release, and won a Blues Music Award, "Contemporary Blues Album of the Year" 2008. It is not Tommy's first mention of fame, in my google finds, he has been making news since 1996. I felt a little BB in him, but his style is all his own. And I know, there will be some discretionary spending, even in times like these, on Mr. Tommy Castro and his talented band. (Oh yes, HOT SAX warning!)

For my Second Life Blues Loving Friends who will be in Las Vegas over Valentines Day weekend, heads up! So will Tommy! I know who I would want to see that weekend! And for my Second Life DJ Friends, you can expect more requests, check out Painkiller, it will play well for you! (And if it doesn't, I will buy the CD from you!)

For now I am back to chair dancing to those awesome mp3's and cyber researching more about this Contemporary Blues Artist. Look out KWS, my newest crush is older AND not blond!

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