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Monday, March 16, 2009

Blues People You Should Know

You won't find them in a City, or Chapter of any Blues Organization, and depending on your exposure and knowledge of 3D Virtual Worlds, your first thought might be, "SCAM."

For the second year in a row, a "Blues for Autism Event" is being held in Second Life until April 25th. A collective of real life musicians, DJ's, a consulting company, one of the most fun Blues Club's on Second Life and a Texan Grandmother with a vested interest and their friends came together in the spirit of fundraising for a great cause. And, they were successful.

The result, is surprising for a world where people are represented by pixels, but it reflects the camaraderie, inspiration, and dedication to help others, are near universal qualities in any blues community.

According to the CDC, Autism now occurs in 1/94 boys. The money raised will go to the Autism Society of America. A fellow blogger who is covering this event first hand, can give you an insider's peek and more detailed specifics. Click on the title for a link to her site, Blues For Autism 2009.

If you want the newswire version go to

If you are not in Second Life and want to be, leave me a comment. If you love The Blues, you won't want to miss it!

depo || social media & virtual worlds consultancy + developer

And last, but certainly never least, two ladies of Second Life; Magi McBride, the originator of the event and veteran virtual Blues Club owner, (with a lucky boy named Joey in her life) and Lucinda Bergbahn, a multi talented asset to the virtual world, who owns Dreamcatchers, a Blues Club in Second Life, and is employed by depo consulting.

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