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Monday, March 2, 2009

Buddy Guy On Campus

12 Bars of Fate

Buddy Guy Brings The Blues To Campus

Blues Lovers nearly always remember the first time they experienced Buddy Guy live. It is not just the guitar playing, or the playful comments, or the sense of community he can create. Buddy in a subtle, and not so subtle manner, challenges his audience to think, about the future of Blues.

At 72 years of age, The Chicago Blues Legend, keeps a hectic tour schedule. Last Friday, 400 OSU students had the chance to see Buddy live.

He arrived on stage in a Nike sweat suit with a rhinestone encrusted guitar strap that read, "BG." He played upside down, with drumsticks, behind his back, and eventually ran into the crowd, playing his heart out...

For a musician who continually inspires and promotes young musicians, perhaps he found someone who will play the blues in Columbus, OH or Champaign, IL. or Greenbay, WI.
(Picture courtesy of Bob Shurley, taken at Legends in Chicago, IL)

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