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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday appeared to be KWS day at my house. First, my oldest debates with me during a car ride, that Blue on Black, which was playing on XRT, here in Chicago, was a cover and was really, Nickleback's song. He is 20. He knows everything. Just ask him. Now, Blue on Black is by far not my most favorite Kenny Wayne Shepherd song, but, Nickleback? It was a long drive. (Revised February 21. Much to my chagrin, two of my favorite internet Blues DJ's have now told me Nickleback did indeed do Blue on Black, and one of them rumor has it, even played it. However, I can only say, on the fateful date in question, during the long drive, it was indeed KWS, not Nickleback. Maybe, I should fit a few more parenting classes into my schedule, as wearing headphones and driving doesn't seem like a good behavior to model.)

Then, while waiting around, I began to read the insert of the 12 Day's Out CD, and I knew why I admired this young performer so much. You see, I have seen him live, and I know, what he can do with a guitar. But I had no idea, at the depth of his words as he recounted the making of that release, day by day, adding personal insight. I like seeing the whole picture behind an artist, it helps me appreciate the details. When I listen to 12 Days Out, the songs will be richer, for the stories not told in the lyrics, but behind the scenes.

Also, in cyber snooping, I found this, and couldn't resist sharing it. KWS Band in Moscow.

KWSBand in Moscow

Makes you want to contact the Blues Cruisin' folks and see if they have any cabins available for October, doesn't it?

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