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Friday, February 6, 2009

There is no cure for Blue's Lovers

We all come to the Blues in different ways. Some, were born into it, experiencing first hand it's history. Some, crossed over from another genre, realizing perhaps, that the style of music was related to another. I was amazed to learn I might have been a Blue's Lover far longer than I suspected, given my affinity for Cream, Janis, Jimi, those Vaughn Brothers and boogie.

For some of us, we fell deep in love with the Blues, the moment we first encountered it, remembering every detail of when and where and what and who. And, for a real Blue's Lover, once we have felt it, it never let us go. The one thing, nearly almost all Blue's aficionados admit to is this - Once you come to the blues, it enfolds you, and settles deep into your soul. And, for a real Blues Lover, once we have felt it, it never let us go. It is a powerful way, to cope with the trials of life. I am sure someone, has studied the psychology behind it, maybe I will research that, while listening to some of my favorite internet blues radio stations.

I recently came across a site that I think most blues lovers can relate to. Their motto is, "No cure, no recovery." The group started as a tribute to honor the beloved Stevie Ray Vaughn. It is just the kind of quirky site, I can relate to, so I had to email and ask if they were still in business and if they would be updating soon. The good news is, YES & YES! I like the tag you can embed, addiction humor aside.

The other night, as a friend DJ'ed and played some SRV, he asked the crowd, "What would happen, if we could have him back, for just one night?"

There really is, no cure. Thank God.

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