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Monday, February 2, 2009

So You Want To Compose Songs

This month is "February Album Writing Month," and for once, that is not something I made up.

If you are a musician or songwriter, OF ANY LEVEL, or just always thought about it, do yourself a favor and check this out. I participate in two similar events only for writing, and won't lie. It is a lot of work, but it is a cool discipline to finish those projects I know you have been procrastinating on!

Also, thanks to one of my writing groups, Inksters, if you are inworld in Second Life, there is a group formed to help support each other through this month's creative adventure. Just search "fawm."

Also, I am very excited to announce the purchase of a sim, called "My Blues Haven" under the estate. Look for discussions on various blues topics, building classes, impromptu small live adventures for those who are new and want to practice, and even a cardboard box for all those Homeless Blues Avi's!

If you are a rl Blues Musician or DJ and would like some promotional give-away gifts in SL, or need help assimilating, I would be happy to discuss your needs and pricing.

Good Luck to those of you who pick up the Song Challenge this month! Be sure to leave a comment, if you do!

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